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I pushed you away subconsciously. Amplified everything that could ever get you in a frenzy, this is me. Everything, why? I don’t know. I guess I want to show you the worst of me. To see if you could love me on my bad days. To see if you could really appreciate my all. It’s probably not a good strategy. It probably wouldn’t ever work but to be loved is to be vulnerable.

I felt the change in you.. I couldn’t take it. The perspective got a little bleak and so I became a little needy. I hated that. I really don’t like to need anyone. But I wanted you. I wanted you forever in a moment. Maybe for eternity. I guess that’s the life of a heart broken romantic.


Phuck You.

You want to whisper in my ear. Tell me things you want me to hear. You want to separate my mind from my heart and tear the love I have apart.

If I remain the same; well you’ll ridicule me. You’ll tell me that I’m foolish and that I’m stupid and that I’m lonely.

You’ll tell me that I’m blinded, that my heart is one-sided. You’ll tell me that their is a pattern and the only resolve is my heart shattered into little pieces.

Why can’t you leave me be? Why is it so important for you to talk to me? You’re like the devil playing advocate.

The Madness

Oh the madness, the sadness, with all its twist and turns;
One day soon enough, on this journey I will learn.
I crossed highways without taking in the sights,
Trusting people in cars to do what’s right.

Please don’t kill me, run me over, I’m just trying to get to the other side.
A man slides through with a camaraderie face an offers to be my Clyde,
I’m no bonnie, more like a hitchhiker without thumbs bummin’ for a ride.
He takes me for a joyride in a high speed chase and I almost died.

So now I’m back on the same side of the road again,
Hard to tell between the strangers and people I call friends.
A hard way to learn and a long way to go,
Only instead of being the hare, I’m taking head and going slow.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons on this road-trip of pain,
A crazy way to travel on this idle wild lane.