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Mount Everest

Like a volcano I was ready to explode, Destroying everything around me without remorse or bias. I was naturally inclined to set bridges on fire so their was no way to return. Places that were once reminiscent of towns and valleys now lay in decrepit. There in the pathways were bodies turned to ash and dust.

There was nothing that could be forgiven, This was natural; it would follow due course. After the explosion of molten lava, everything laying to waste, everything would eventually cool down and transform the landscape. The wild ways of the earth would replant the seed and eventually things would grow.

Once where their was beauty taken for granted, their would be hope for anew. Where they had pulled at the strings until their were none, trying to sway the very essence of time itself, their would be a wild flower growing from a crack in the molten lava.


The Reckoning

I advance through adversary; unlike you, you’re quite contrary. I will never crumble nor break. I am an ocean compared to your lake.

I seek truth in everything around. My heart is pure, my thoughts profound. I seek advancement avoiding complacent. To which we are adjacent.

Loyalty is woven within my soul. Honestly, I am honest beyond my control. If I could tear down these walls separating us a part then you could know full well and honor my heart.

© the heart felt pen August 2014