She knew that she would be alone. But that was a part of the human condition. You could never really connect with someone on the level she sought. They called this magnificent pairing soul mates. A person that could finish your sentences, read your mind, someone who can complete you.

However, everyone she ever met was always selling a gimmick or if they ever did impress her with wit, they would ruin it. Monogamy, was for someone who was ready to settle down and die. Their were people who would come along and they’d fool her but really all love was was a chemical attraction. Or maybe an animalistic one.

A soulmate was for someone afraid of losing. A person who was settling for a fear of being alone. She wasn’t afraid to be alone. She was afraid to be bored. Afraid of not living life to its fullest potential. And for that, she would be banished to the outer rim of society.


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