Seahorse Lullaby

I’d give anything to be at the ocean right now, feet in the sand.
Without a care in the world and a drink in my hand.
I’d just lay there an look up at the stars wishing that they could speak.
Wishing with all my might, that I could build stronger like the tide but instead I grow weak.

Relentlessly, Endlessly, and without repent;
Those waters would rage on unforgivably, in a heavenly scent.
In complete and endless darkness those waters call upon me,
For my heart will always belong out at sea.

I’d stare out into the darkness longing for an answer.
With all the jellyfish, dolphins, and little sea dancers.
As the tide gathers momentum and bellows on,
I’d relax a little, find my center, and grow calm.

I’d lay their on the beach, with my feet in the sand,
Stare up at the dazzling stars with an empty drink in hand.
I’d see a shooting star dance across the moon,
I’d take a deep breathe as my heart swoons.

Calming, Peacefully and forever eternal,
When the world is your oyster, there is no use for a journal.
Every time I think; I began to grow weak,
The ocean replies with the answers I seek.

Take caution when the waters grow deep,
Or the undercurrent will sweep you off of your feet.
Life is unforgiving and favors no one,
Under the stars, the moon, or the sun.

Be like the tide, slowly but surely gathering strength,
Or if you do not you will eventually sink.
Be relentless on the path to conquer your dreams;
After all, in life, nothing is forever as difficult as it seems.

Forever, Courageously, and without fail,
If you live your life like the ocean you will prevail.
And anytime you believe it to be true,
you will find the strength that resides within you.


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