The Human Congregation

I can relate to many people without sharing their beliefs. I believe beyond stereotyping, placing judgement, and the true power of mankind as a whole. So I’m sharing this personal story to show anyone who feels alone, judged, or just needs insight.

I remember being pregnant and alone. I really only had my dad and a few selected people that I could trust not to judge me. I was searching for an answer and looking for a sign. A “friend” of mine told me I needed God in my life, she said her church was great. This “Christian” friend of mine took me to her church, which had a large congregation. I stood at the pulpit, while she introduced me:

“Hi, this is my friend. She was in a relationship for five years, got pregnant by her boyfriend, and now she lives with her dad. Her name is Crinthia”.

I just stood there. After my sins were roll called. I stood there and looked out at a thousand eyes just staring at me. I felt ashamed, guilty, and even more alone then I did before. Those eyes which cast judgement, well they might as well have been stones because I felt like I could just die right there.

I thought to say nothing, I’d just go back to the pews and sit in my judgements, and go back to being a shrinking violet. But then, I turned to the pastor, extended my hand and replied “My name is Crinthia some call me Crin, but you can call me Jezebel. My “friend” looked shocked and a few people laughed, the preacher laughed, pulled me in and kissed my forehead, and said “God bless you and welcome to our Church”.

The lesson:  don’t let a few represent the many. Don’t let people define you, define yourself. Get rid of people who pick at you like roadkill and embrace your inner eagle. You’re not here to be liked, you’re here to be you. People will like you and people will hate you…but at the end of the day, you’re the person that has to live with yourself, love yourself 🙂


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